Nouvelle version 2.2.0 de VLC media player

VLC Media Player


So, what's new in VLC 2.2.0, codename WeatherWax?

  • Fight  the popular vertical video syndrome! VLC automatically detects rotated  videos and rotates them using hardware acceleration (on compatible  platforms)!
  • This is supported for MP4/MOV, MKV and raw H264.
  • Resume playback  where you left off. Supported on all the mobile versions of VLC for  quite some time, it is now available on the desktop.
  • Vastly improved support for UltraHD video codecs like VP9 and H265, including encoding.
  • New  hardware acceleration mechanism, GPU 0-copy decoding, faster and  implementations for Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi. (Other OSes will  have it in 3.0.0)
  • Extensions: supported since a long time, we now feature an in-app downloader for the desktop, like Firefox
  • Subtitles downloading extension
  • Compatibility with a very large number of unusual codecs
  • Vastly improved compatibility for problematic files in Ogg, MP4, and WMV.
  • Support for Digital Cinema Package to play native movie theater formats.
  • Experimental support of Interactive Menus of BluRays: BD-J
  • On OS X, we've updated the interface for Yosemite compatibility.
  • On Android, we rewrote most of the UI to match Google Material Design.
  • This is the first public beta releases for Windows Phone, Windows RT and Android TV.
  • It is also the first non-beta release on Android.

This  is made possible through a lot of improvements of the VLC engine, the  libVLC library, which starts showing its maturity and solidity.

Therefore, today, we release:

  • VLC media player 2.2.0
  • VLC for iOS 2.4.1
  • VLC for Android 1.1.0
  • VLC for Android TV 1.1.0
  • VLC for WinRT 1.1.0
  • VLC for Windows RT 1.1.0 Beta
  • VLC for Windows Phone 1.1.0 Beta

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