Mise à jour de DSM 6.0.1-7393-1 de Synology

Synology DSM




Synology DSM - Version : DSM 6.0.1-7393-1  disponible.




  1. Improved system stability when Synology NAS serves as a VPN server.
  2. Fixed several security vulnerabilities regarding NTP module (CVE-2016-4957, CVE-2016-4953, CVE-2016-4954, CVE-2016-4955, and CVE-2016-4956).
  3. Fixed an issue where DSM user interface might become unresponsive under normal operation.
  4. Fixed an issue where shared links created by LDAP users in DSM 5.2 might be unavailable after upgrading to DSM 6.0.
  5. Fixed an issue where folders cannot be uploaded to File Station.
  6. Fixed an issue where encrypted replication tasks cannot be resumed or completed when the sync process has been interrupted.
  7. Fixed an issue where log files could not be rotated on the passive server in the HA cluster, which could cause the upgrade failure on the passive server.
  8. Enhanced the process of shared folder encryption.

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